Our Online Class

After some research, we made the decision to choose Zoom for our Online Classrooms! For the amount of students that we have, our teacher number and most convenient for all, this was the best option out of all that are offered. This allows our dancers to be able to see each other, talk to each other and interact with their teach in a live setting. This was a win win for in our opinion!

If you will be using laptop or desktop, it may require you to download the app. It's not required but it helps it to work better. If you will be using a table, iPad or phone, you should download the FREE app. It would be best to do this before your dancer's class was set to start!

We are not enforcing dress code but it is great to see them in their uniforms. You want to be mindful as possible of the space that you use. A 6 X 6 space is ideal. If you don't have that space, don't let it discourage you from attending class for your dancer. Please make sure that your dancer has on proper footwear so that their feet aren't too slippery. If they are using tap shoes, you can place duct tape over them to protect your floors! Even though your dancer is home, we want them to dance safely.

Parents of Tiny Dancers** 2-5 years of age  --Please be nearby in case they need redirection (as we can't be there to hold their hands when they drift off :)). They will gaze off or get distracted...just guide them back to us. We have some awesome things coming up.

We have recorded videos of the dances so that your dancers can practice.  Once they are uploaded, we will send the link to your email as well as in your Parent Portal.