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Recital Ready...No, Not This Early?

I'm not preparing for recital! It's months away, right? I'm not going to pay attention to any emails or handouts until around May!

NO!! Don't think this way. If you did, it's ok, but PLEASE keep reading!

Take a quick moment to learn what your dance family wants you to know. For your child's dance teacher, Director, admin help and all those amazing people that help your studio to flow, recital is next week! Yup, next week and you feel that there is nothing you can do to help that...but YOU CAN!

Number 1...dancers should be present in class, in proper attire, and on time.

Number 2...dancers should be present in class, in proper attire and on time.

Nope, that was not a typo. It's important. Choreography is happening and each dancer is important to that process. The teachers are working so very hard to make sure that your dancer looks their very best onstage. We ask that you think of the entire class. As your teacher gets the choreography onto the dancers, the next section of the dance will begin. This is a process. Anyone heard of Beyonce? They practiced for 12 months for a 2 hour performance. TWELVE MONTHS.

So yes, your dancers may be working on a 2-4 minute piece but there are a lot of moments that happen and we want them to be able to be their very best! It will be worth it when you see them in the end!!

Number 3 and 4...check your email for important dates and changes from teachers!

And, how could I forget? Did you pay your costume fee? Again, it's so far away, right? No, its not. Most of your studio directors and teachers have been in place for awhile now, trust their judgement!

Happy Recital Season! Get Prepared!

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