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Top Ten Ways to Master the Dance Parent Life

So, you sign your child up for dance lessons and now what? Check out these tips to get you on top of your #danceparentlife game!

1. Be Committed - If your child's class meets one hour per week or four hours per week, add it to your schedule. Coming to class once and skipping two weeks and then coming back is not beneficial to your child, teacher or other classmates. Have their proper attire. Be punctual for drop off AND pick up.

2. Be Involved - Let your presence be known. Read the bulletins. See what's new in the building. Talk to your child's teacher. It helps you to be in the "know".

3. Check and Read Your Email - Hopefully, now that you have chosen a dance school, you dancer isn't the only one at the school, right? Your Director, staff members and administrative team have more than one family to communicate with. There are other families there too, so email is the most effective to get the information out especially in 2019, most businesses are going paperless!

4. Get to know your Director and Staff- They are actual people! And, they teach your kids. Read their bios. Ask them questions. Ask your kids questions about them. You will feel more comfortable to trust their judgement and they can get to know more about your kids. It's so important!

5. Communicate - If your dancer will be late, sick , absent, not liking class, noticed a change, anything...COMMUNICATE THAT WITH YOUR DIRECTOR! They may not be aware of a change that you notice. They are one person so just find a way to communicate things to them. Preferably the one that they have noted in your policies or school handbook :)

6. Get to Know Other Parents - You will spend time together each week in the waiting room. An hour maybe many hours. Your kids might connect in class. Dance actually can build some amazing friendships. You can help keep each other updated. And, you may even meet your carpool buddy if needed. You never know !

7. Be Supportive - Share a post. Like a post. Talk about how amazing your school is. Come to events. You know how you brag about your cup of coffee, or your amazing experience at Chick Fil A... do that for your dance school. Believe me, it never gets old hearing awesome things from your dancers and dance families!

8. Ask Questions - You may be new to the dance world. You may not be used to how things usually flow for dance classes. This may be a new school for you because you have moved. Each school has their set of rules for their set of reasons. Ask questions. They may have different programs offered for kids. They may have a competition team. They may have a non competing dance team. They may allow you to watch class. They may not allow you. If you are concerned, ask questions so that you can get the understanding and then be respectful of their wishes.

9. Be Open - As we tell our kids, be open to learning new things. If your child is a dancer, so are you because most of them can't drive or can they pay for classes :) Be sure that you are willing to learn different things to be the best dance parent you can be!

10. Be Respectful - This goes without saying but...I'm going to say it anyway. Respect goes a long way. Be kind to your children, other students and parents, and your studio director and staff.

Hopefully this was able to give you the insight to have a great second half of the dance season and many more to come!

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